losetogain (losetogain) wrote,


After the general meltdown that was my last post, I've picked myself up and dusted myself off and am on the road again. I troubleshot my scales with some fixed weights and found that the problem is when it's moved around on my uneven floor, so i've set it in a specific place where it will never move and I have vowed not to touch it.

The last weight I got was 284 and that's what I'm going with for now, but I don't plan on weighing this week, so I"ll officially update that in 2 weeks or so. Either way, i'm coming off one of the best weeks of my life eating and going for a repeat performance, to feel anything but proud is just a total waste of time. Can't believe I let myself fall into the scale trap again. Oh well, we live and we learn, then we forget and learn again.

Till next time.
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